Happiness is living a life having friends and fun

Bringing people together to share not links, but real world experiences

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Enjoy your favourite activities with like-minded people nearby
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Designed to meet real people in the real world

Nothing beats hanging out with real people in the real world! The EnjoyMinded platform encourages users to enjoy more face to face real world contact by creating hangouts or joining hangouts created by nearby people with similar interests.

Meet new people

Life is about moments, create them, enjoy them

Strangers are friends you haven’t met yet - get to know new people with similar interests and have fun!

Create hangouts

Create hangouts in just 3 quick and easy steps and people with similar interests will get notified and invited to join.

Join hangouts

Joining hangouts nearby is only one tap away.


Break the ice or get to know more about the hangout before joining.


Browse venues around you and find your favourite places to hang out with your new friends.

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